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10/6/2013 Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [Reviews]
I: The Music Never Stopped, They Love Each Other, Corrina, Row Jimmy, Pride of Cucamonga, He's Gone > Truckin
II: Jack Straw > Doin That Rag > Cumberland Blues > Unbroken Chain > St. Stephen > Days Between > Dear Mr. Fantasy > Not Fade Away
E: Brokedown Palace
Previous ''They Love Each Other'' 9/29/2012 [53 shows]

  First Played Origin Played (ttl.) Played ('13)
The Music Never Stopped9/18/2009Grateful Dead388
They Love Each Other12/13/2009Grateful Dead131
Corrina1/4/2010Grateful Dead82
Row Jimmy2/15/2010Grateful Dead103
Pride of Cucamonga9/20/2009Grateful Dead296
He's Gone12/8/2009Grateful Dead326
Truckin12/8/2009Grateful Dead478
Jack Straw9/18/2009Grateful Dead499
Doin That Rag12/8/2009Grateful Dead277
Cumberland Blues9/20/2009Grateful Dead449
Unbroken Chain9/19/2009Grateful Dead569
St. Stephen9/18/2009Grateful Dead5712
Days Between12/8/2009Grateful Dead308
Dear Mr. Fantasy1/6/2010Traffic449
Not Fade Away9/18/2009Buddy Holly416
Brokedown Palace1/3/2010Grateful Dead286
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