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Show Breakdown

Friday, October 5, 2012
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA


10/5/2012 Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA [Write a Review]
I: Truckin > Smokestack Lightnin > Brown-Eyed Women, Money for Gasoline, Any Road, Peggy-O, Mission in the Rain*, I Shall Be Released+, Althea*+
II: China Cat Sunflower > I Know You Rider, Cassidy, Passenger > The Mountain Song > Scarlet Begonias > Fire on the Mountain > Standing on the Moon > Shakedown Street > Gloria*+
E: Revolution*+
*-w/ Jonathan Wilson; +-w/ Lukas Nelson
Only ''I Shall Be Released''; Previous ''Gloria'' 7/28/2011 [73 shows]

  First Played Origin Played (ttl.) Played ('12)
Truckin12/8/2009Grateful Dead477
Smokestack Lightnin5/25/2010Howlin' Wolf112
Brown-Eyed Women9/19/2009Grateful Dead408
Money for Gasoline1/9/2010RatDog163
Any Road11/11/2010George Harrison122
Mission in the Rain7/21/2011Jerry Garcia Band82
I Shall Be Released10/5/2012Bob Dylan11
Althea9/18/2009Grateful Dead378
China Cat Sunflower9/19/2009Grateful Dead5310
I Know You Rider9/19/2009Traditional6011
Cassidy9/20/2009Grateful Dead478
Passenger9/20/2009Grateful Dead276
The Mountain Song9/17/2010Furthur367
Scarlet Begonias9/18/2009Grateful Dead589
Fire on the Mountain9/18/2009Grateful Dead529
Standing on the Moon12/30/2009Grateful Dead297
Shakedown Street9/19/2009Grateful Dead5712
Gloria12/12/2009Van Morrison71
Revolution2/13/2010The Beatles133
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